You don’t feel like participating in group classes? You are looking for a personalized, intensive language course?

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Why you should choose our teaching method

  1. In our free 60-minute long free trial class we check your Hungarian level and talk abour your needs. We pay attention to you and get to know you.
  2. Based on your goal we create a personalized Hungarian Language Learning Plan which is only yours.
  3. During your learning process the teacher deals with you individually.
  4. You can learn in a flexible time schedule at your own pace.
  5. Our unique approach helps you to improve written and oral language skills. We provide as much practice as you need.
  6. You can set the intensity of your Hungarian language learning. We provede a 6-hour pass for pursuing language learning as a hobby, a 12-hour pass for learning besides and 18-hour pass for intensive learning.
  7. We offer you a free consultation class every month where you can talk about your progress with your teacher.
  8. We can deliver the necessary coursebook to you.
  9. You can also help you prepare for a language exam.
  10. Our Hungarian classes are available ONLINE.

Our Hungarian teacher

Negist May Fesseha

Hungarian teacher

„I wholeheartedly believe that with patience and determination, anyone is capable of learning absolutely anything within a proper supportive environment. In my role as your teacher, I will simultaneously be your mentor, your coach and your friend, always offering you a helping hand while walking together with you towards your goals.”

Our prices

Our Hungarian courses are available in the form of one-to-one teaching online. Its price is:
10.000 Ft / hour (1 hour = 60 minutes)

Friends discount = 10%
If one of your friends comes to a trial class and enrolls to a course you both get a 10% discount.

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